Bringing together some of the best minds to give clean thinking for climate action

This event featured experts from different disciplines discussing key topics including:

  • What’s trending and research developments
  • How research can spark discussion and influence climate action
  • Tips for ensuring your research can have maximum impact

Get inspired and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and conversations in climate research.

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The talks and presenters

Laura Kelleher

50 years of climate change research

What are the trending topics and latest developments in climate research over the years?

Laura Kelleher,
Portfolio Development Specialist at Taylor & Francis

Large Iceberg
Ben Franta Lisa Schipper

Climate change research in action

Making an impact with climate research, including media outreach, full-spectrum messaging, and editor tips

Ben Franta,
researcher and author in Environmental Politics

Lisa Schipper,
Editor-in-Chief of Climate and Development

Joycelyn Longdon

Making conversations on climate change accessible, diverse, and colorful

What is ‘citizen science’ and ‘environmental justice’? How can you engage the public in climate research?

Joycelyn Longdon,
researcher and founder of Climate in Colour

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